Riding Lessons

·         Group Lessons $21

·         Semi-private Lessons $26

·         Private Lessons $32

Riding lessons are 1 hour in length and open to anyone ages 5 and through adults.  Students learn how to brush, saddle, and bridle their horses along with basic riding skills.  As they progress through their skills riders can choose their discipline of western or English.  From there we work on patterns and equitation of the riders for their discipline.   Once the student has the basics of western or English down we can become more diversified in the discipline by choosing a sub-class in that discipline.  Western – Halter, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Gymkhana, etc.  English – Dressage, English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Equitation, etc.  As they continue to advance we offer showing classes which teach the students how to prepare for a horse show and participating in horse shows.  We also offer a basic jumping class for our more advanced riders.  Lesson horses are provided or you may bring your own horse to ride.  Lessons are ridden in groups (which consist of 3 to 4 people), semi-private (consist of 2 people), and private lessons.   


Training (New price starting as of May 1st, 2016)

          Performance Training – $600 per month or $20 per day

·         Halter Showing/Conditioning – $500 per month or $17 per day

Training horses can come for a few days or a month at a time.  We only take 1-4 training horses per trainer at a time so your horse gets the attention it needs.  We do ground work with horses, to start horses under saddle, to preparing for the show ring in the discipline of your choose.  At Eljomar Arabians we specialize in the Arabian and Half-Arabian breeds but we welcome all breeds of horses.  Horses are worked 5 days a week, approximately 1 hour per day.  The training fee includes board and horses maybe be boarded in a stall or out in their own run.  Our training fee also includes one lesson per week with the trainer so that we you can see the progression your horse is making and learn how to progress with your horse.  If you want extra lessons with the trainer that is an additional cost (view riding lessons for prices).   



·         Stall/Run Boarding – $400 per month or $15 per day

·         Pasture Boarding – $300 per month or $10 per day

Boarding horses are exclusive to current clients of Eljomar Arabians.  Eljomar Arabian clients are able to board their horses’ long term (pay by the month) or short term (pay by the day).  For more information about what boarding contact Eljomar Arabians. 



Arabian/Pinto Shows

          Mileage – .$0.65 per mile

          **Eljomar Fee – $175.00 per day

          Tack Stall/Grooming Stall/Lodging – Prorated

Local Shows

          If we haul your horse – $40.00 per day

          Rent Lesson Horse and haul – $60.00 per day

Open Shows

          Mileage – $0.65 per mile

          **Eljomar Fee – $100.00 per day

**Please be aware that the charges outlined are for the care, training and preparation of your horse during that show.  The above show fees do not include entry fees, transportation, tack/groom/horse stalls, early arrivals, layovers, bedding, patronships and any unexpected vet/farrier/medical charges are in addition to our show fees.


Other Fees

Hauling to vet in Groton – $31.00

Farrier/Veterinary Fees – Billed monthly

Transportation – $0.65 per mile